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Useful information for shore excursions in Singapore

We have put together all useful information about the most beautiful tourist attractions, a map of the cruise port as well as other tips for your cruise excursions in Singapore below:

The most beautiful attractions in Singapore

Singapore means rich in contrast, colorful, dynamic, modern and clean – a city of superlatives and a melting pot of cultures. This is an island and city state and also the smallest state in Southeast Asia by area. Singapore is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The island state of Singapore includes the main island as well as three larger and 58 smaller islands. Its name is made up of “Singha” (“lion”) and “Pura” (“city”), which means lion city.

It is one of the richest countries and also one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world. This city-state with more than eleven million annual foreign tourists is one of the ten most visited cities in the world. Singapore together with Hong Kong are considered two of the most important financial hubs in Asia.

Particularly noteworthy is the exemplary cleanliness for an Asian city like this one. This is due to the extremely strict laws and punishments that prohibit even chewing gum on the street. But Singapore can proudly show that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and enables a peaceful coexistence of different world religions (Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Taoists, etc.).

Singapore’s unique architecture has been shaped by the multitude of religions, cultures and communities. Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples liven up the city with all its colors and forms. Colonial buildings and Chinese shophouses contrast with state-of-the-art skyscrapers and extravagant structures, demonstrating Singapore’s mix of old and new. Numerous green areas and parks also give Singapore the title “greenest city in Asia”.


Merlion Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore. This sculpture of the “Merlion“, with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, is the landmark and national symbol of Singapore. The fish body symbolizes Singapore’s modest beginning as a fishing village. The lion’s head symbolizes strength and fearlessness as well as the original name Singapura. This 28.2-ft-high, water-spouting Merlion statue weighs 70 tons and is the city’s most popular photo spot.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Resort, picturesquely located on Marina Bay, dominates the city’s entire skyline since 2010. The hotel with its 2,560 rooms looks like an above-ground surfboard or spaceship docked on a tripod. On the three 55-storey towers, there is an impressive roof garden, which measures 1115 ft in length. At a height of 626-ft, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

The gigantic complex of the Marina Bay Sands which extends over 38 acres consists of a hotel, a casino, a conference and exhibition center, a multi-storey luxury shopping mall, an art and science museum, two theaters, fine restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as two floating pavilions.

However, the most interesting tourist attraction is the Sky Park, which shoots over the north tower like a surfboard at 213 ft height. From this viewing platform, which seems to float 656 ft high in the air, you can expect breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is world-famous for its 480-ft infinity pool with its glass overflow edges. However, this is exclusively reserved for hotel guests and cannot be used or visited by visitors to the Sky Park.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a 250-acre parkland created on artificially raised land in the central district of Singapore. It consists of two main areas – Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden.

The Bay South Garden is the largest of the gardens and can be visited free of charge. Here you will find twelve huge and impressive “Supertrees“. These plant-covered tree-shaped steel structures serve as vertical gardens and rise up to 164 ft in height. Among other things, they serve the rearing of rare plants and one of the Supertrees even houses a restaurant in the treetop. On a fee-based Skywalk, a 420-ft long suspension bridge between two Supertrees, you can enjoy from the bird’s-eye view the view of the gardens. In the evening, make sure to check out the show at the OCBC Garden Rhapsody, a magical yet enchanting choreography of light and music between the supertrees.

The other part of the gardens is dominated by the elegantly shaped Biodomes (the large greenhouse domes). In order to visit the two Biodomes you must pay for the entrance ticket. The largest cantilevered greenhouses in the world have freestanding and self-supporting glass roofs without columns or pillars – a marvel of architecture, design and engineering.

In the Cloud Forest, you can find plants from the tropical highlands up to 6561 ft above sea level. A 115 ft high mist covered mountain with lush vegetation is the largest indoor waterfall in the world.

The Flower Dome recreates the dry-cool climate of regions such as California and South Africa. Here you can admire more than 32,000 plants from 160 different species and cultures. In the middle part, the 30-acre Flower Dome, a changing exhibition takes place every three months, for which this part is always remodeled and replanted.

Orchard Road

The famous 1.6 mi shopping street is a true paradise for all strollers and shoppers. On Orchard Road, Asia’s most famous shopping street, you will find many popular fashion brands, boutiques and specialty shops.

Over 150 years ago, Orchard Road was just a narrow path lined with orchards, nutmeg orchards and pepper farms. It was not until 1903 that the first shops opened on Orchard Road. At the southern end of the street you will find the Istana, the official residence of the President of Singapore.


Chinatown is one of Singapore’s most popular attractions. It has everything from food stalls, temples, to museums or shops. Historic Chinatown in Singapore is a vibrant mix of old and new. The best way to explore the district with its lively streets and foreign odors is on foot. Highlights in Chinatown are the temples, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a very modern temple and the Indian Sri Mariamman Temple.

Sentosa Island

The 1235-acre recreational island of Sentosa Island offers entertainment for all ages. Soak up the sun, sand and sea on the most beautiful beaches on the island or enjoy thrills in the exciting rides of the theme parks. Visit Madame Tussauds with its realistic looking wax figures, the water park with slides and pirate ship, the S.E.A. Aquarium or the Universal Studios. The island of Sentosa has something for everyone.

Sentosa Island can be reached either by foot, taxi or bus, or via the Sentosa Express (a 4-stop train) or Singapore Cable Car.

Tip: If you dock at the Singapore Cruise Center, you can hop on a cable car to float above your cruise ship.

Map of the cruise port of Singapore

As the leading home port in the heart of Asia, Singapore is one of the busiest cruise centers in the world. The city’s cruise port is one of the largest and most modern in Asia.

In the city there are two large cruise terminals where your cruise ship can moor. These are also marked exactly on our cruise port map.

Marina Bay Cruise Center Singapore (MBCCS) is the newest cruise terminal in Singapore, located in Marina South, next to Marina South Pier and is often seen as a new cruise port. The $ 500 million terminal was built in October 2009 and completed on May 22, 2012. With its wave-like shaped roof, it is an architectural landmark and offers sweeping views of the downtown skyline and the Straits of Singapore. The Center is located on Marina Bay on the seafront and is close to attractions such as Gardens by the Bay as well as the business and financial center and Marina Bay Sands. It offers two moorings for cruise ships.

Singapore Cruise Center (SCC) is the city’s old cruise terminal. It is strategically located in the Sentosa Harbor Front district and is therefore often colloquially called the “Harbourfront Cruise Center”. The exit from the terminal leads directly into one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore with countless shops, restaurants and cinemas. Close to the cruise berth is Sentosa Island, home to Universal Studios Singapore, the world’s largest oceanarium, a golf club and several world-class hotels. The Singapore Cruise Center also offers two deep cruise ship piers.

If you book a shore excursion with us, you will of course be picked up near the respective mooring of your cruise ship at the harbor.

Things to know about shore excursions in Singapore

Shipping companies and routes

Singapore has always been a must on any Asian cruise. Many European and international shipping companies like Royal Caribbean, P&O, Princess or Celebrity also call at the cruise port .

Immigration and visa

US Passport Holders (regular, official and diplomatic) do not require a visa to enter Singapore for business or for social visit purposes.

British (and/or Irish international) passport holders do not require visas to visit Singapore for a stay of less than one month, if they have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the departure date from Singapore, a confirmed onward return ticket and sufficient funds for their stay in Singapore.

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you inform yourself about all valid entry requirements directly at your cruise line or with the Foreign Office prior to your cruise.


The national currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar (SGD). 1 USD equals to 1.37 SGD; 1 Pound equals 1.81 SGD. You can exchange before you start your cruise, but even paying by credit card is common in Singapore.

Taxi and public transports

For cruise passengers wishing to explore Singapore on their own, the city offers a well-developed infrastructure such as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). With these you can travel easily and cheaply from your mooring into the city. Depending on the berth, the subway will take you to Harbor Front or Marina South Pier. The trains run at intervals of only a few minutes. MRT is a cheap and reliable means of transport. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines at the stops or at the cashier at the stations. It is also easy to get from the airport to the cruise port by subway.

There are also numerous taxis available at the port. These cars have no fixed color, you will recognize the taxis according to the sign on the roof of the car. You can conveniently pay with Singapore dollars or credit card. At the window a list is always hung up to tell you which credit cards are accepted.

In the area around Chinatown and the Singapore River you can often find the Trishaws. With the small three-wheeled vehicles, which are designed especially for tourists, you can drive easily through the area. Before boarding you should definitely negotiate the price, which will hardly be less than 10 SGD.

Of course, there are also Hop-on Hop-off city tours in Singapore. The bus goes on a fixed round trip and you can get on and off at the stops you want and continue your tour with any bus later. The hop-on hop-off buses usually start in the city center and not directly at the cruise berths.

Travel time

In Singapore, there are only two weather conditions. Either the sun is shining and it’s hot, or it’s hot and raining. The Southeast Asian city state has a tropical-warm climate all year round. If you want to avoid the rain, then Singapore is the best time to go for a trip between the months of March and September. You can expect temperatures with peaks of up to 32 °C / 89 °F and an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day.

Websites of the port and tourist organizations

Video: Impressions of Singapore


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