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Here you can find the best shore excursions in Santorini for your cruise trip.

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Useful information for your excursions in Santorini

You can find all information you need about the most beautiful sight-seeings, cruise port as well as other useful information about cruise excursions in Santorini below.

The most beautiful attractions in Santorini

Cruise ships usually only dock at Santorini for a few hours. This should be taken into consideration when you plan your shore excursion in Santorini, whether you want to stroll through Fira or Oia or visit the many attractions of the island.


10 km north of Fira and easy to reach by bus is the artistic village Oia. The winding streets invite you in for a walk through the village at the northern tip of the island. Enjoy the great view of the sea in one of the restaurants and cafes here or pay a visit to the small harbor of Ammoundi.

Oia is no longer an insider’s tip today, but for many Santorini travelers it is still more favorable to the troublesome capital Fira. The perfect destination for your Santorini shore excursion!

Excavations of Akrotiri

Known by many as the Pompeii of Greece, this archaeological site is more than just a foundation stone. Up to the height of 4 floors, from here the entire streets of the ancient city can be seen, which was buried 3,500 years ago by a volcanic eruption.

Perissa Beach

On the east coast of the island is the Perissa Beach, which is characterized and famous for its black sandy beach. The clear water and always sunny weather invite you to a swimming trip to Perissa Beach.

Sailing trips

The Cyclades are an excellent and spectacular sailing area. The rugged island structure offers an ever-changing panorama, not to mention the many downdrafts that make the area very interesting and challenging even for experienced sailors.

Those who prefer to relax would enjoy a swimming trip or other leisure services. You can find a variety of offers by numerous providers in Fira and Oia, for example booking catamaran tours for the whole family.

Map of the cruise port of Santorin (Fira)

Since the port of Santorini is too small for cruise ships, these will anchor off the coast. For Santorini shore excursions, the passengers are brought to the small harbor Skala by small tenders. From here it is still a steep climb to the capital Fira. This can be done on foot for about 600 steps, on the back of a donkey or mule or with a cable car.

By the way: Santorin or Santorini, both names are correct. However, one will hear the Greeks themselves more of “Santorini”. Abroad, on the other hand, the last vowel is often omitted.

Things to know about your excursions in Santorin

Shipping companies and routes

Santorini is usually a stop of cruises through the Eastern Mediterranean. The major shipping companies such as Royal Caribbean, NCL, Celebrity, as well as other smaller shipping companies also have Santorini in their programs.

Immigration and visa

Greece is a country in the Schengen area, this means that U.S. citizens can enter Greece without a visa for stays of up to 90 days for tourism purposes.

For more accurate and up-to-date information please contact your cruise operator.

Taxi and other public transports

Buses and taxis are the most important means of transport on the island. If you are planning to explore Santorini on your own, it is best to orient yourself in the city center of Fira. The island is not too big, hence there are only a few bus lines.


The official currency in Greece is Euro, you can also exchange your money at currency exchange spots. (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro)

Travel time

Santorini has the sunniest climate in Greece. That’s why you rarely have to worry about rains, especially in summers. The high temperatures and pleasantly warm water invite you during this time especially for beach or swimming trips.

In spring and autumn it is less hot, perfect for hiking or sightseeing.

In the winter months from November to early spring, Santorin can be more uncomfortable. It is not recommended to visit Santorini during this time. Right at the start with the transport by the small tender boats can be already very arduous.

Website of the port and tourist organizations

Video: Santorini highlights


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