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Useful information for shore excursions in Roseau (Dominica)

Below you will find an overview of the most beautiful attractions, a map of the cruise port as well as other tips for your shore excursions in and around Roseau.

The most beautiful attractions on Dominica

Dominica is one of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean and is located exactly between the French islands of Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south. On the island there are many stunning waterfalls and about 300 rivers or mountain streams. Dominica is one of the most original islands of the Caribbean – the perfect island for nature lovers and explorers.

If you want to explore the attractions of the area, you can start from Roseau to numerous cruise shore excursions and hikes.


The port city of Roseau with about 15,000 inhabitants is located in the southwest of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea and of the river of the same name Roseau. It is the economic and cultural center of the country.

The Botanical Garden in the southeast of the city is definitely worth a visit. It was created over 100 years ago and it’s a place where the rich flora and fauna of the island can be admired. Not far from the cruise port, you will find the Old Market of Roseau, which is also known as Old Market Plaza or Dawbiney Market Square. It is located behind today’s Dominica Museum and close to the coast. Back then, it was a thriving market during the colonial era and an important place for all major trade links between Dominica and the surrounding Caribbean islands. Today, handmade jewelries, spices and local handicraft of the island are displayed and sold there.

The Gothic Cathedral of Roseau “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption” is the island’s most important Catholic church. It is one of the most famous sights of the capital Roseau. It was built out of volcanic rock and is earthquake-proof. Inside you can admire the large stained glass windows, where one was dedicated to the famous navigator Christopher Columbus, who discovered the island in 1493.

If you want to explore the city on your own, it is better to stick to the usual places and attractions for tourists. In other areas, there is an increased crime rate.

Bois Cotlette Estate

The Bois Cotlette Estate is one of the oldest still preserved lands on Dominica from the early 1720s of French settlement. You can observe how the inhabitants plant their own vegetables and fruits, generate their own energy and water in the valley of the still active “Morne Plat Pays” volcano. Moreover, the system also characterized by its production of coffee and chocolate. Learn how these delicacies are produced step by step during your visit here.

Scott’s Head

Scott’s Head is a small fishing village with famous squares and stunning snorkeling bays. After a short hike to the top, you will have a beautiful view of Roseau and the coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

National Park Morne Trois Pitons

The main attraction of Dominica – located 13 km/ 8 mi east of Roseau – is the ~17,300 acre National Park. It has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1977. Morne Trois Pitons National Park offers a unique combination of volcanic landscape, deep gorges, tropical rainforest and rushing waterfalls. The rainforest of the national park is home to up to 5000 different plant species and 135 different species of birds.

An interesting destination in Morne Trois Pitons Park is the Boiling Lake, which was first discovered in 1922. It is considered one of Dominica’s most important tourist destinations and is located at 800m/ 2,624ft above sea level and is 59m/ 193ft deep. With a diameter of 60m/196ft, the lake is the second largest hot spring in the world.

Trafalgar Falls

It is about a 20-minute drive to the Trafalgar Falls Visitor Center. From there, head to an idyllic ten-minute walk that will take you to the waterfalls. When arrived, you will get to see the impressive Trafalgar Falls – two spectacular parallel falling waterfalls – which are among the island’s most popular attractions.

From the visitor platform you have a magnificent view over the breathtaking scenery. The majestic Trafalgar Falls rise at a height of almost 40 m/ 131ft and gush out into small sparkling pools under the sun.

Mero Beach

Mero Beach awaits you with its fine black sand beach and calm blue ocean of the Caribbean Ocean. You can relax here on this paradisiacal beach, one of the most quiet beaches on the island. Near the beach you will find many restaurants and small souvenir shops.

Map of crusie port in Roseau

The port of Roseau has two cruise ship berths, the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth and the Woodbridge Bay Port. The pier Roseau Cruise Ship Berth is ideally located and you can get to the center very quickly. At the harbor exit there is a tourist information and there are numerous taxis available.

If you book a shore excursion with us, you will of course be picked up near your respective mooring at the harbor.

Things to know about shore excursions in and around Roseau

Shipping companies and routes

The port of Roseau is regularly called by shipping companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC or Costa Cruises.

Immigration and visa

U.S. and U.k citizens must have a valid passport to enter Dominica. No visa is required for stays less than 6 months if you have an onward or return ticket, confirmation of accommodation, and can produce evidence of your ability to maintain yourself.


The East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is the official currency of Dominica. 1 dollar equals about 2.70 XCD. In general, however, you can easily pay with US dollars. These can be exchanged before the cruise.

Taxi and other public transports

If you have not booked a transfer or guided shore excursion, there are taxis available at the harbor exit. It is very important to negotiate the prices!

Travel time

The ports of the Caribbean are called by the shipping companies especially in the winter months between October and April.

If you want to avoid rain and high humidity, we recommend choosing a cruise between mid-December and April. During these months, it is mostly sunny due to the dry season, at the same time the humidity is not that high. In general, however, the tropical climate and the year-round high temperatures between 24 and 32 °C / 75 and 89 °F make Roseau and Dominica a year-round destination.

Official websites and tourist organizations

Video: Impressions of the island Dominica


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