4.2 / 5
5 Ratings for Der Golden Circle
Erik - 09/19/2019
(translated) We were picked up at the ship on time. The time frame was well calculated. The driver and tour guide gave very good and useful information as well as tips if you are 'there' again. We also liked their safe and calm driving style. The time at the sights was sufficient. We really liked the schedule. The people who absolutely need something for lunch had the opportunity for a restaurant / fast food restaurant on the strokkur. The other group part (like us) could take a little more time with the geyser. Perfectly planned. The minibuses are a bit narrow but only small groups and there was WiFi.
Maria - 07/01/2019
(translated) recommended!
J├╝rgen - 09/23/2019
(translated) Very good and informative excursion with a driver or tour guide who is willing to provide information. Unfortunately, very little time at the Gulfoss. The biggest disadvantage was the tightness in the bus. Since we were the last of 20 people to board, there were only 2 seats on the last bench of the bus (I'll save the popular name for it). For adult Central Europeans, not obese, not very comfortable. But it was still fun and is recommended as an introduction to Iceland.
Dieter - 07/21/2019
(translated) The trip was well organized, we had enough time for all the sights. Our brisk driver / guide knew a lot about Iceland. There are deductions for the tightness in the bus, people with normal long legs already had difficulties. The small group was also nice.
Marie - 09/18/2019
(translated) We had beautiful weather, a nice driver / tour guide, but we were very tight in the minibus - even with wifi but with seat belts that literally chained us to the seat, so that we didn't put it on after the first stop. My point of criticism: We were back at the ship at 3 p.m., so an excursion of 7 hours / not 8 pity, because we didn't have enough time, especially at the geyser. All restaurants were explained to us, also that we should definitely go to the 'original' geyser. We ate a little soup and made our way, but there wasn't enough time to get to the geyser. And to look at the beautiful Icelandic items and jackets we had almost 10 minutes! When I asked the tour guide if we were coming to a nice Icelandic shop somewhere, she said there was one at every station. Maybe, but we didn't have time to go inside. Why did we have to be at the ship 2 1/2 hours early? That was not enough to go to Reykjavik (which we hadn't seen at all), so we had to find our 'luck' in the souvenir shop of the port. We were also a bit annoyed that the tour guide never left her bus and never accompanied us anywhere.
Your My Cruise Excursion Team - 01/29/2020
(translated) Dear Marie, thank you for your detailed feedback on the shore excursion in Reykjavik. First of all, we are happy to hear that you were able to spend the day in the best weather. At the same time, we very much regret that the schedule was not to your complete satisfaction. The excursion is planned with a time buffer that includes is needed for the pickup. This pickup took less time than expected that day, which shortened the process. If, in addition, all participants always return to the meeting points on time, the shortening in the process can also be attributed to this. We are very sorry that you did not have enough time for the geyser. The planned stay for the lunch break at the geyser is approx. 1:15 hours. Experience to date has shown that this planning is appropriate for most guests - of course we are happy to take your valuable feedback to further improve the schedule. Our local guides always recommend visiting the Strokkur geyser, as it is still active and can be easily reached in the allotted time. If there is a misunderstanding here, we are also very sorry. In general, this tour is accompanied by a guide who provides guests on the bus with plenty of information and at the same time leaves them free to explore the attractions. This handling has also received positive feedback so far - we are also happy to take your comments! We hope you still had some great experiences from that day and your trip, and we hope to see you again soon on one of our shore excursions. Best regards Your team from My shore excursions