4.8 / 5
65 Ratings for Ganztägige Panoramatour zu Land und zu Wasser (Visum inklusive)
Klaus - 10/15/2019
(translated) After booking, we felt we were in good hands. Information came on time, questions were answered competently by telephone and answered to our complete satisfaction. Entry and exit formalities worked without any problems. The care was carried out excellently by our guide. Accompanied by a lot of background knowledge, we saw a lot of St. Petersburg. The combination of sightseeing on land and from the boat has proven itself. Very good organization through 'My shore excursions' convinced us. Highly recommended, we will be happy to book again. Thank you very much.
Thomas - 10/11/2019
(translated) An interesting insight and knowledgeable tour guide.
Wolfgang Leipzig - 09/30/2019
(translated) The processing from the shop side worked perfectly, with all the documents, confirmation, visa and all that was there on time. The ship was supposed to start at 10 a.m. and it started at 10 a.m. The tour manager Nadja and driver Aleksander were friendly and competent. The driver was always ready to give any help when getting on and off the minibus. Nadja explained interesting, detailed, answered questions and conveyed the knowledge in good German. As the St.Isaac Cathedral closed on Wednesdays, it made it possible to climb the tower for which he dared. The other travelers were led through the park by her. The wish to see the Aurora was fulfilled, the announced boat trip was wonderful. On the next cruise, I'm looking forward to being your guest. Not to beat price and performance.
Opa Eggi - 09/25/2019
(translated) You can tell: People are not doing this for the first time !!! Punctual pick-up, clean little buses, good German speaking tour guide, top weather ordered, it was once again very interesting to experience Petersburg from a different perspective on the upper deck of the excursion ship. Thank you very much and gladly again.
Jörg - 09/18/2019
(translated) pleasant excursion in a small group (9 people), supervised by a bus driver and a tour guide (Daria), who spoke German very well and gave us a good impression of St. Petersburg. All entrance fees e.g. Blood church, cathedral and fortress included; no waiting times due to group pre-booking and 'fast check in'. Visa absolutely without problems on entry. The weather did the rest (25 degrees and pure sun), so the beautiful boat tour on the Neva and through the canals was a pleasure. Coffee / cake stop at a nice local cafe. Absolutely top and recommended. We are happy to book again at My Shore Excursions.
Hartmut - 09/16/2019
(translated) Everything as described, gladly again!
Barbara - 08/29/2019
(translated) St.Peterburg by land and water it was the best decision we could make for just one day in this beautiful city. Entry was easy. Our tour guide was a pool of energy and knowledge. With non-stop information, peppered with funny comments, it was really fun to do this great tour. Our tour guide Svetlana and the driver Alexander took us by minibus  (12 people) drove easily through the city. The boat trip was also very nice, although we were lucky to have such nice weather. It was raining when we got back to the ship. It was a nice trip in a small circle. Thank you again to our tour guide.
Dieter und Andrea - 08/27/2019
(translated) We have booked the big panorama tour. On August 22, 2019 St. Petersburg. We had the tour guide Elena. We wanted to thank you for this great tour .... I have rarely seen such a dedicated tour guide who has put so much effort into it. Please pass on this praise if possible.
Undine - 08/18/2019
(translated) We have the excursion on 4.8. made with Sonja. Again there was a very large group (almost 30 people). Nevertheless, everything worked fine, except for the detours that would have to be done due to the closure of the city center, which Sonja didn't know. But she told us a lot of interesting facts, and above all we liked the fact that she reported on everyday life and live in the city with a lot of humor. A good indication would be that you should have rubles, because even the toilet visit has to be paid for. Overall, we were very satisfied with the implementation and organization of 'my shore excursions', but we would have preferred a smaller group.
Katrin - 08/13/2019
(translated) Great trip. Very well organized and the tour guide spoke German very well. It was a great day with a lot of impressions. We could never have done it all on our own