Why “My Cruise Excursion”?

Nine reasons why you should book your cruise excursions with mycruiseexcursion.com

There are many providers for shore excursions – so which one should I choose? Book with the cruise line, through a private provider or something completely different? The answer is: “My Cruise Excursion”! And these nine reasons show why the booking portal “My Cruise Excursion” is the best choice:

Reason 1: Small groups
Above all, the manageable group sizes are a quality feature of “My Cruise Excursion”. Our tours are usually conducted in small groups (unless otherwise indicated). Thus, in most destinations you will have manageable group sizes of only 8 to 15 persons on average. In some very popular regions, e.g. in St. Petersburg, the excursions are still held in very pleasant small groups of maximum 25 persons. In Norway, in exceptional cases and for logistical reasons, the groups can be up to a maximum of 40 people. In 99% of the cases, however, with My Cruise Excursion you will have an excursion in a nice manageable number of people and not full 50-passenger buses as with most cruise lines.

Reason 2: Punctual-back-to-ship guarantee
We also know the fear of cruise guests to miss the ship. However, with “My Cruise Excursion” this fear is completely unfounded, because we give all our customers a punctual-back-to-ship guarantee. All our local partners are professional incoming agencies that have taken on our special punctual-back-to-ship guarantee. In addition, our shore excursions are arranged in such a way that there is always enough extra time to get all guests back to their ships on time.

Reason 3: Insurance cover
On “My Cruise Excursion” they are well secured! After all, the additional travel insurance benefits of ERGO travel insurance are already included in our shore excursions. This includes trip delay cover and accident insurance, which provides you with additional cover during your trip. In the unlikely event that you miss your cruise ship through no fault of your own (e.g. due to traffic jams), we will take over the organisation of the subsequent journey and any costs incurred.

Reason 4: Favourable prices
Another advantage of “My Cruise Excursion” are the particularly fair prices. Our shore excursions are often significantly cheaper than comparable tours offered by alternative providers, such as cruise lines. At the same time you do not have to sacrifice comfort or safety and can enjoy your shore excursions in a familiar atmosphere.

Reason 5: Visa included and no hidden costs
For all our shore excursions in St. Petersburg the visa is already included in the excursion price. So you don’t have to worry about anything else, because we take care of the organization of the entry permit! Also otherwise there are no hidden costs with us. Usually all entrance fees are included and if this should not be the case, it will be explicitly stated.

Reason 6: Broad range of cruise excursions
We offer several hundreds of tours in more than 100 of the most important cruise ports. Our offer is constantly expanding and new trips and destinations are added regularly. Our program includes a wide variety of tours ranging from classic panoramic cruises and city walks to unusual experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. Whether sightseeing tour in St. Petersburg, relaxation on the beach of Maspalomas or a helicopter flight in Barcelona – on mycruiseexcursion.com you will find suitable shore excursions for your next cruise.

Reason 7: Exclusive group and private excursions
If you are looking for exclusivity and privacy, “My Cruise Excursion” is the right place for you! We are also happy to organise group or private excursions. We can arrange the excursion program according to your individual wishes and ideas.

Reason 8: Convenient booking
Via mycruiseexcursion.com you have the possibility to book your shore excursions easily and comfortably online. No matter which ship or cruise line you are travelling with, you can select all your excursions via the portal and complete the booking with just a few clicks.

Reason 9: English speaking tour guide
Our local partners, like us, are specialized in cruise passengers. In order to provide you with an unforgettable excursion experience, all guided tours are offered in English.

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