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Useful information for shore excursions in Port Klang

We have put together all useful information about the most beautiful tourist attractions, a map of the cruise port as well as other tips for your cruise excursions in Port Klang below:

The most beautiful attractions in Port Klang

Port Klang

Port Klang is a city in the Malaysian province of Selangor, also in the state of the same name on the Strait of Malacca. This is one of the most important ports in Malaysia and one of the largest container ports in the world. The port has existed since 1901 and has been the largest in the country ever since. Due to its proximity to Kuala Lumpur, Port Klang is a high-traffic cruise port with at least one cruise ship (in high season) calling daily at the Boustead Cruise Center (BCC) – or often called the PKCC (Port Klang Cruise Center).

The place Port Klang itself offers comparatively little worth mentioning sights. Therefore, several temples, such as the Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple near Little India or the Palace of the Sultan of Selangor are among the most important landmarks of the city. There are also a number of good Chinese seafood restaurants along the river. Just south of Port Klang, even locals can escape from the hectic city life on the beach here.

Port Klang Harbor is a popular starting point for shore excursions to Kuala Lumpur and the region. The journey to Kuala Lumpur is highly traffic-dependent and usually takes just over an hour.

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is the largest city in the country with about 1.6 million inhabitants. It is the economic and cultural center of Malaysia. The stunning cityscape of Kuala Lumpur presents itself as a unique blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western culture. It also offers many famous attractions worth exploring. Kuala Lumpur is affectionately abbreviated to “KL” by the locals.

Petronas Twin Towers

The 1482-ft high Petronas Twin Towers, also known as “KLCC”, are the tallest twin buildings in the world. This gigantic building was designed by Argentine-American architect Cesar Pelli and comprises of 88 floors. The spacious and beautiful KLCC Park extends right next to the Twin Towers.

Suria shopping center, Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Petrosains Science Center, Petronas Art Gallery and Kuala Lumpur Convention Center “Aquaria” with an oceanarium are all located inside the Petronas Tower.

Definitely worth a visit is the observation deck between the Twin Towers. At the beginning, the development of the towers, from idea to completion, is presented interactively. After an exciting elevator ride, you will arrive at the Skybridge, the tallest 2-story bridge in the world connecting the two towers. The towers offer breathtaking views of the city of Kuala Lumpur.


One of the highlights in Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly the 1382-ft high Menara Kuala Lumpur TV Tower – KL Tower in short. It is the highest television tower in Malaysia and the seventh highest in the world. You can relax and take the elevator to the 905-ft high observation deck and enjoy the breathtaking 360 ° view. The tower is located on the mountain Bukit Nanas.

If you want a very special experience, you can also reserve a table in the revolving restaurant. At 928-ft you can enjoy your dinner or a drink while marveling at the great view as the restaurant turns completely around its own axis in 90 minutes.

Merdeka Square (Independance Square)

One of the main attractions of Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly Merdeka Square, also called Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square. Exactly on this sprawling square in the center of the old city center, the British flag was taken down for the last time on 31 August 1957 and the brand new Malaysian flag was hoisted for the first time, marking the country’s independence from Britain. The original flagpole is still marked today by a round plate made of black marble. Not far away you will find the new 311-ft-high mast, on which the Malaysian national flag flutters proudly.

The square itself was already established in 1884 as a sports ground to the adjacent Royal Selangor Club, on which mainly polo and cricket was played. Because of that today you will still see the beautifully maintained, 656-ft long Padang (green strip). In the north of the square you will see St. Mary’s Church, one of the oldest Anglican churches in Malaysia.

The most famous building on the square is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (the former State Secretariat). This building is built in Moorish style and reflects the cultural background of Malaysia. The 134-ft high tower “Big Ben” is also world famous.

Furthermore, the busy square is the venue for the annual Merdeka Parade (Independence Day) in Malaysia.

National monument

This national monument honors above all the fallen citizens of the fight for Malay freedom during the Japanese occupation and the subsequent state of emergency (from 1946 to 1960). The complex of monuments comprises five main components: the national monument, fountain, pavilion, a war memorial and the surrounding gardens. The bronze statue on the site was created by Felix de Weldon, who had also created a memorial in Washington D.C. This facility around the National Monument is well worth seeing and definitely worth a visit.

Jalan Petaling Street and Central Market

Kuala Lumpur’s street markets are probably the best places to experience the authentic Malaysian culture. These busy streets offer an incredible selection of fresh products, clothings, handicrafts, accessories and traditional jewelries.

Jalan Petaling Street is the most popular street market in Kuala Lumpur in an interesting shopping district in China Town.

Located just minutes from Jalan Petaling in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Central Market is a famous landmark of Malaysian culture and tradition, offering a variety of shopping opportunities on two floors.

National Mosque

The state mosque, which is actually translated as Masjid Negara, offers space for almost 14,000 worshipers and is the national mosque of Malaysia. It is surrounded by 32 acres of gardens with a beautiful park, large bodies of water and fountains.

With its sky-blue, star-shaped tent roof, reminiscent of an umbrella, and the 240-ft-high minaret, this mosque contrasts architecturally with other mosques. The state-of-the-art National Mosque is one of the most impressive mosques in the region and one of the largest construction projects in Malaysia after its independence.

Batu Caves

About 9.3 mi north of Kuala Lumpur, you will find the most popular Hindu sanctuary outside of India: the “Batu Caves“. The huge limestone caves house several colorful Hindu temples and god figures. For a long time, the existence of these caves was hardly known because it was only at the end of the 19th century that an American biologist accidentally discovered the caves.

A huge, steep staircase with 272 tiring steps, which is not only used by pilgrims and tourists but also by various cheeky monkeys, leads up to the largest cave. The huge golden statue dedicated to the Hindu god Muruganat the entrance is already incredibly impressive.

Once at the top there is the entrance to the “Light Cave“, the so-called temple or cathedral cave. It is one of the largest, partially open caves with several mini temples, shrines and numerous colorful statues of Hindu gods.

A little below the temple cave you will find the “Dark Cave“, whose tunnel system extends about two miles and has been largely spared by the masses so far. To protect the cave animals such as a unique species of limb spiders or bats, this part of the Batu caves can only be visited as part of a guided tour.

Map of the cruise port in Port Klang

Port Klang Port is 37 miles from Kuala Lumpur. During the winter months, about 15 to 20 ships dock at the port each month. In the summer months, however, there are only about 3 to 5 ships per month. The Boustead Cruise Center (BCC) is located at the Westport (Pulau Indah) and can accommodate up to three ships.

In the large, multi-storey and air-conditioned terminal there are shops to the needs of cruise passengers. Directly in the harbor building there is a taxi stand, a currency exchange and some shops for drinks and snacks.

If you book a shore excursion through us, you will of course be picked up near your respective mooring at the harbor and will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide.

Things to know about shore excursions in and around Port Klang

Shipping companies and routes

Port Klang is always a popular destination for Asian cruises as the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur is usually only an hour’s drive away. Therefore, this is the destination of many shipping companies such as the Princess, NCL, Oceania or Royal Caribbean cruises.

Immigration and visa

American citizens are required to have a passport valid for at least six months to enter Malaysia. Americans do not need to obtain a Malaysia visa in advance for a pleasure or business trip if their stay in Malaysia is 90 days or less.

British nationals don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia. You will normally be given permission to stay for 3 months on arrival.


The currency in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringitt (MYR). 100 MYR = 24.07 USD = 18.44 Pounds. You can exchange your money before your cruise begins. Nevertheless, you can pay by credit card almost everywhere. Attention: Some taxi rides do not accept payments by credit card, it is better to withdraw or exchange some Ringgit (MYR) beforehand.

Taxi and other public transports

If you have not booked a transfer or guided shore excursion, there are several ways to get to Kuala Lumpur on your own:

In the harbor building there is a well-organized taxi agency that arranges trips at fixed prices. A trip from Port Klang to Kuala Lumpur costs about 120 RM by taxi – about 30 $. Depending on the day of the week and the time of day, the journey could take between 50 minutes and 2 hours. Please keep in mind the rush hour on your return journey!

In the port there is no public transport. However you can take a taxi to the nearest train station in Klang and ride from there to Kuala Lumpur or the Batu Caves. A taxi to the station costs about 17$ each way. The train runs very regularly and is reliable. Here you can find more information about train traffic.

Travel time

If you want to avoid rain and high temperatures, we recommend a travel date for the winter months between January and February or for the summer months of June, July and August. During these months it is mostly sunny, the humidity is not that high and the average temperature is a pleasant 30 °C / 77 °F.

Websites of the port and tourist organizations

Video: Impressions of Kuala Lumpur


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