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Useful information for shore excursions in and around Phuket

You will find all information of the most beautiful attractions, a map of the cruise port as well as other important tips for your shore excursions in and around Phuket below.

The most beautiful attractions in Phuket

Thailand’s largest island lies in the west and is separated from the mainland by a narrow waterway. You will find here the second international airport next to the one in Bangkok. Tourism in Phuket is booming and those who wish could also receive Western standards. Therefore, it is possible to make shore excursions in English. Since there is a large selection of excursions, the prices are also in a wide range so that different budgets can be served.

There are, however, countless places where authentic Thai culture can be felt. The island does not only delight with its many attractions, it is also the starting point for numerous little paradises surrounding it. After first introducing you to the highlights of Phuket, we’ll provide more details about these paradise-like island groups so you can get a full picture before you cruise.

Big Buddha

The 148ft high and 82ft wide statue of white marble is not only very impressive, but also the symbol of the island and a must on your Phuket experience. Big Buddha is located in the south of the island on Nakkerd Hill and about 30 minutes from the dock where most cruise ships moor: Patong Beach. He sits enthroned on a pedestal that has the shape of a lotus flower and represents the entrance area. You will find here a small exhibition with many photos and the history of the Buddha. Another advantage of the sight is the wonderful view of the island and the Chalong Bay.

Wat Chalong

A few miles north of the Big Buddha you will find the largest and most visited temple in Phuket. Wat Chalong is considered one of the most important sanctuaries in the country and is therefore not only visited by foreign tourists, but is also very popular among the Thais themselves. In this place, two monks are especially worshiped, who worked in the time of the uprising. The locals believe in their magic power and visit Wat Chalong to pray for help. The temple complex consists of one main building and several outbuildings where prayers and meditations are held. Their interior is adorned, among other things, by wax monuments of various monks.

Kata Viewpoint/Karon Viewpoint

The most beautiful view of Phuket can be experienced at the lookout point between Nai Harn and Kata. From there you can see a spectacular panorama including three bays and the horizon. Enjoy the picturesque landscape of turquoise water, white sandy beaches and spectacular mountain ranges that stretch out in front of you.

Bang-Pae Waterfall

The 53-ft high waterfall is located in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. It is also suitable for swimming and surrounded by the jungle of the national park. You have to cross the jungle to reach the waterfall. The path leads over some roots and tree trunks, creating an exciting jungle atmosphere.

Phuket Town

The capital of the province Phuket is characterized by the Portuguese, Chinese and British influences in architecture. Because of that, you should definitely visit the Old Town. It’s best to stroll through the Thalang Road, which is the heart of the Old Town. Here you can also see the colonial buildings, which today house souvenir shops, cafes and clothing stores. It is therefore perfect for shopping. You can also take great photos and enjoy many local culinaries that the street has to offer. If possible, turn into the small Soi Romanée street. The colorful buildings are also very magnificent and have some delicacies ready for you!

Naka Weekendmarket

This night market is one of Phuket’s biggest weekly markets that is just outside of Phuket Town. It has a huge selection of souvenirs, clothes, shoes, bags and much more. Thai cuisine are also offered here. Try traditional dishes or fancy meals – here you will find a wide range of options. You could easily spend a few hours in the market, and you should always remember to bargain when buying the goods!

Phi Phi Island

If you are on holiday in Phuket, one of the most exciting activities is to explore the surrounding island world. Phi Phi Island, with the most famous beach ever, should be at the top of your list! The spectacular landscapes of the island served as a film backdrop in “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. The fact that Phi Phi Island’s beaches are considered filming-material is no coincidence – there is something so heavenly about them! Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago made up of six islands with Phi Phi Don being the most well-known and the only inhabited island. It houses accommodation, restaurants, shops and a pier for ferries. Phi Phi Island also features the famous Maya Bay, which was the film’s location. However, this bay is currently not accessible to visitors for the protection of nature.

James Bond Island

It speaks for the water landscape around Phuket that another famous film was created at another neighboring town of Phuket – the in 1974-made Bond film “The Man with the Golden Colt” had its film set location here. Therefore, the small piece of land is also known as “James Bond Island”. The visit to Koh Tapu, which is its real name, is accompanied by a drive through the beautiful Phang-Nga Bay. This contains numerous wooded rocky islands protruding from water and are beautiful among the turquoise water. On land you will find various souvenir shops. Paddle tours of the cave, elephant rides or similar activities are also available.

Panyi Island

Another domicile of Phang-Nga Bay is Ko Panyi, a small fishing village on stilts, which is passed on almost every drive through the bay. This small village is home to around 200 families who have even built a school as well as a football pitch on stilts. The inhabitants finance their lives through tourism and offer their freshly caught fish in restaurants.

Map of the cruise port in Phuket

Phuket has long been developed by tourism, which is clearly reflected in some busy places on the island. Patong is among them, a city with many hotels, bars, restaurants and boisterous nightlife, which is also the Phuket’s tender harbor. Normally, your cruise ship will anchor here and passengers will be brought ashore with tender boats. However, there is also a temporary pier in southern Patong from April to October. Outside of these months, cruise ships can moor in the seaport near the capital Phuket Town. You will find this information visualized here in the form of a harbor map.

Things to know about shore excursions in Phuket

Shipping companies and routes

Thailand is next to Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai and many other Asian destinations a dream country for Asia cruises. Phuket is one of the most sought-after Thailand destinations with Koh Samui and Phi Phi Island. Therefore, countless cruise ships from the west head for the island. Almost all major shipping companies like MSC, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Celebrity or Holland America Line call here .

Immigration and visa

U.S and U.K. citizen tourists entering Thailand for fewer than 30 days do not require a visa. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your entry into Thailand.


The official currency in Thailand is the Baht (THB). Payment by credit card is common here in Thailand. At many appropriately marked ATMs, withdrawal with credit or bank cards is possible. (1 dollar = 32.67 Baht; 1 Pound = 42.56 Baht)

The various banknotes available in Thailand include 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 baht. You can pay anywhere in the region with these. It is, however, different with credit cards, which are not accepted in many shops. It is therefore reccommended to withdraw money from ATMs or, if necessary, exchange your currency into baht. When withdrawing money, keep in mind that a small fee of between 1 to 2 percent may apply, depending on which card you use. ATMs can be found in most regions around every corner of Thailand, these accept international cards such as Visa or MasterCard.

Taxi and other public transports

In Thailand, the fastest way to get from A to B is by taxi. In cities like Bangkok, prices are also very cheap, but unfortunately, this is not the case in Phuket. Taxi drivers have to adhere to given recommended prices, which is why you cannot bargain any further.

Other means of transport are, for example, tuk tuks. The drivers have no fixed prices, these vary depending on the route, weather, time and other factors. Therefore, you must agree the amount before the trip. If you choose a tuk tuk as your means of transport, you may prefer to approach the passing tuk tuks rather than the ones in front of the hotels, as they are usually more expensive.

If you want to explore the island on your own independently, you can also rent a car or a scooter. The latter is especially a popular method to explore the island individually and at the same time is quite cheap. It should be kept notice that, however, traffic in Thailand is on the left-hand side and is more chaotic than traffic in the West. Take a closer look at your car or scooter before driving, check for damages and take photos if necessary, so that you won’t be charged afterwards for damages you didn’t do. Furthermore, avoid giving your passport as a deposit, as the lender could use it as a means of pressure – after all, you definitely need it to leave the place.

Travel time

The best travel time for the Thai island of Phuket is from November to April. The rainy season is outside of these months and has high humidity. However, even at the beginning of November and towards the end of April it can have increased rainy days. Anyone who wants to be sure that they are exposed to as little rain as possible should therefore travel to Thailand in December, January, February or March. During these months, the temperatures are also a little below those in May, June, July, August, September and October.

Website of the port and tourist organizations

Impressions of Phuket


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