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Our offers for shore excursions in and around Marseille

In the following you will find our offers for a shore excursion in Marseille and the surrounding areas.

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Useful information for a shore excursion in and around Marseille

Below we have compiled information about the cruise port, the most beautiful sights, as well as many useful information for a shore excursion in and around Marseille.

The most beautiful sights in Marseille

Marseille is a multifaceted port town on the French Riviera, which awaits you with many highlights for cruise trips. Here, we have compiled for you some inspirations for arranging your shore excursion in Marseille.

Vieux-Port (Old Port)

The Vieux Port is the old port of Marseille and is known as the tourist center of the port city. Many cafés, restaurants and shops can be found along the Boulevard at the port. It offers a nice view of the dock, where there are many sailing ships and fishing boats.

Notre Dame de la Garde

The Church of Notre Dame de la garde is a landmark of Marseille. It is situated on a 524 ft Hill and can be seen from a distance. The terrace in front of the Notre Dame de la grade offers a majestic view of Marseille, Vieux Port, and far out on the Mediterranean Sea.

Cathédrale de la Major (Cathedral of Marseille)

Marseille Cathedral is a monumental building and serves as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Marseille. The Cathedral is located just north of the Vieux Port.

District Le Panier

The District of Le Panier was once the place where immigrants in Marseille would walk first. Le Panier is known for its pictures and charming narrow streets that run through the area. Le Panier is therefore considered a hot tip for Marseille land excursions.

District Cours Julien

Cours Julien, was once filled with crime everywhere. Today, it is the scene district of Marseille. Many stylish restaurants, bars and trendy shops invite you to stroll through.

Also recommended: A visit to Le marché de Noailles. The street market is only a few hundred meters from the old harbor right in cours Julien and winds through narrow streets.

Map of the cruise port in Marseille

The cruise port terminal in Marseille has three ports. Most cruise ships are created in the North at Marseille Provence Cruise Center (MPCC). It is located in the industrial port of Marseilles and is approximately 4.9 miles north of the city center. There are multiple berths for cruise ships in the MPCC. The terminal buildings were renovated in 2014.

Smaller cruise ships apply also to the Joliette Terminal (J4). The big advantage of the Terminal J4 is its central location in Marseille. Cruise excursions on your own even on foot are possible. The Metro station is located right in front of the exit of the Terminal Joliette.

Useful information for cruise excursions in and around Marseille

Shipping companies and routes

The cruise port of Marseille is one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Western Mediterranean and therefore is visited by many shipping companies in the context of their Mediterranean cruises.

Entry and visa

Canadian and US citizens do not require a visa to enter the Schengen area of countries in Europe for tourism or business stays under ninety (90) days.

Some shipping companies require a valid passport for cruises. Also some cruise lines allow you to travel with cruises in the Mediterranean with an identity card. Check the visa requirements of the shipping company.

Taxi and public transport

At the Marseille Provence cruise Center (MPCC), where most of the cruise guests arrive, it is easy access to the city with by shuttle bus, taxi or public bus.

The port is not very pedestrian-friendly. You can still take the public bus, the nearest bus station is Littoral Santi. You can chose between line 35 and line 36. Line 35 goes to the Metro station Joliette, from where you can walk to other attractions. Line 36 runs to the Metro station Bougainville.

Cruise ship passengers, who use the Joliette Terminal (J4), have it much easier. The Metro station is located right in front of the terminal building Joliette. Additionally, there are many buses. There is also no problem getting a taxi. The attractions of Marseille are also in walking distance.


Marseille uses the euro as there currency. A change of currency is therefore necessary (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro). You can also use your credit cards.

Travel time

Marseille is a classic summer destination for cruises. During this time Marseille’s weather attracts many tourists since it’s very warm and there are long hours of sunshine. During the summer months is high season in the port of Marseille.

The shoulder season is each spring and autumn, during this time its nice and warm. Many cruise ship passengers appreciate the moderate temperatures during this period.

Winter is the low season. Some cruise lines offer year-round cruises to Marseille.

Webpage port operators and tourism organization

Port operator: Marseille Fos port
Official website: Marseille tourism
Online travel guide: Wikitravel

Video: Impressions of Marseille


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