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Useful information for your shore excursions in Malta

Things you should know about your cruise port, attractions as well as other useful facts and tips for the best land excursions in Valletta, Malta are down below.

The most famous attractions in Malta

Malta is an island with a long 7,000-year history. The country has plenty of cultural attractions to offer. There are also spectacular natural beauty or the colorful party life of the capital waiting to be discovered.

Explore the city Valletta

Be enchanted by the charm of Valletta! You can also walk to the city center, but this is elevated from the harbor area. Luckily there is a lift (!) about 300m (980 ft) from the cruise terminal.

The Old town is especially beautiful with its cultural “pearls”. The Grand Master’s Palace (now the seat of government) and the St. John’s Co-Cathedral impress with their historic beauty from the 16th century. Most streets are pedestrian streets, cars were forbidden in the Old town. That makes walking and shopping experiences very relaxing.

In the evening, Valletta really comes to life with numerous bars, restaurants and clubs openning late in the day. Some of them are also down by the harbor with impressive scenery. Just be careful not to miss your ship!

Blue Grotto

The impressive “Blue Grotto” is located in the south of the main island Malta, in the district of Zurrieq, about 15km from (9.3 miles) Valletta. With its 30m height (98 ft), 90m circumference (295 ft) and 50m water depth (164 ft), this beautiful sea cavern is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and if you are on a small boat in the middle of it, the dimensions are especially clear. It gives visitors the feeling as if they were in a gigantic, cantilever cathedral.

Particularly in the morning, the lighting effects are often impressive: the water then shines in a bright azure blue, which eventually brought this natural phenomenon a somewhat strange linguistic name combination “Blue Grotto”.


Mdina is the former capital of Malta. Their origins date back to the Phoenician era around 1,000 BC. It is located inland about 13km (8 miles) west of Valletta.

Mdina radiates a very special atmosphere. It is often referred to as the “city of silence”. Time seems indeed to come to a standstill here: walking through the car-free streets, you can’t help but feel that you are traveling back several centuries in time.

Another worth seeing sight is the Cathedral of St. Paul on the eastern edge of the city (admission is 5 EUR).

Temple complex Mnajdra

Even for those who do not have much interest for archeology and archaeological sites: the temple complex Mnajdra should not be missed! Theses buildings are the supposedly oldest freestanding structures in the world, some of the temples date back to the time of Greek and Roman civilization. The oldest might be as old as 6,000 years.

Mnajdra is located about 15km (9.3 miles) southwest of Valletta, near the Blue Grotto. Nearby are also the similarly impressive temples of Hagar Qim. If you cannot get enough of prehistoric testimonies of human architecture, you’ve come to the right place.

Bathing trip to Ramla Bay

Overall, Malta is a barren, stony island. Beautiful sandy beaches are therefore rather rare.

The red beach of Ramla Bay in the north of the main island is certainly one of the most interesting in the entire Mediterranean and is considered the most beautiful beach in Malta. For a refreshing and relaxing bathing and beach experience as an alternative shore excursion with many cultural attractions in Malta, this is the best one for you.

Map of cruise port in Valletta

The Cruise Terminal of Valletta (“Waterfront”) has three berths for large cruise ships on a total length of piers of nearly 1,2 miles. All berths are located on the land side, from where you can set off for your shore excursion to Malta.

Things to know about excursions on Malta

Shipping companies and routes

With more than 500,000 transit passengers, Valletta is one of the largest and most important destinations in the western Mediterranean.

Large cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, MSC, Princess, NCL, P&O and Celebrity also bring their passengers here during their cruises.

Immigration and visa

For US citizens, Malta is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter Malta for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay,

For more accurate and up-to-date information, please contact your cruise operator.

Taxi and other public transports

There are plenty of taxis for you to choose at the port. The prices are, however, high and the taximeters are rarely turned on. It is best to make a fixed price with the driver.

Tourists can use Malta’s extensive bus network to get around the city. Lines 1-99 run from and to Valletta and also stop at the central bus station at the Triton Fountain (about 1km/ 0.6 miles into the city from the cruise terminal).

Caution: on Malta people drive on the left-hand side (a relic of belonging to the British Empire in the past).


Despite the local language English (and “Maltese”), the official currency of Malta is Euro. (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro)

Travel time

Malta has a dry, subtropical climate for much of the year. The main travel time is in the summer months when the temperatures regularly reach 30 °C / 86 °F or even more. However, as many other Mediterranean ports, the cruise season starts in spring and continues until the end of October / beginning of November.

If you prefer milder temperatures, you should travel in shoulder season. Advantage here is that it is especially outside of school holidays, the availability of the cabins and the prices for cruises are often much better.

Websites of the port and tourist organizations

Video: Highlights from Valletta (Malta)


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