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Our offers for a shore excursion in Lanzarote

Below you will find our offers for your shore excursion in Lanzarote. Choose and book the best option for your stay on this impressive island.

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Useful information for a shore excursion in Lanzarote

Below we have put together information about the cruise port, the most beautiful sights as well as many useful information for a shore excursions in Lanzarote.

The most beautiful sights in Lanzarote

Lanzarote clearly attracts its visitors with its spectacular nature and some highlights in the interior. Of course, there are also the unique works by César Manrique. The capital Arrecife on the contrary offers only a few interesting corners.

Here are some nice destinations for your shore excursion in Lanzarote.

Mirador del Río

The Mirador del Río is Lanzarote’s most famous observation deck. By the time of its completion in the mid-1970s it was one of the most spectacular modern buildings in the world!

The Mirador is one of the first works of César Manrique, the island’s most famous son. Manrique was a painter, master builder, sculptor and especially a nature conservationist. Born in Lanzarote in 1919 and died there in 1992, Manrique dedicated his life to preserving Lanzarote’s nature and protecting its environment.

At an altitude of almost 1,640 ft, the Mirador offers a wonderful view of Lanzarote’s north coast offshore island of La Graciosa, which is basically one large national park. Furthermore you can spot the strait between these two islands, which is called “El Rio“- hence the name of the viewing platform.

From Arrecife you can reach Mirador del Río within about half an hour by car via road LZ-01 and road LZ-201.

Jardín de Cactus

This is all about the green, spiky fellows: Amongst many tourists Jardín de Cactus is Lanzarote’s most popular attraction and is located at the northern end of the small town of Guatiza, just outside Arrecife. This is also Césars Manrique’s last work that opened in 1990.

Surrounded by more than 10,000 cacti on 1.2 acres and embedded in an elaborate volcanic landscape, the “Cactus Garden” is spectacular and popular with visitors of all ages.

You can reach Guatiza in about 20 minutes by car using the LZ-01 and the Avenida Garafía.

La Geria

12.4 miles west of Arrecife there lies the cultural landscape “La Geria”. On more than 5,000 hectares, primarily wine is grown here. In fact, La Geria is the largest wine-growing region of the Canary Islands.

Originally born out of necessity, the special cultivation method of La Geria quickly became a striking success: due to heavy volcanic eruptions in the years 1730-1736, the area of ​​La Geria was covered with a thick lapilli layer. The local farmers dug funnels with a diameter of several meters into the layer of volcanic ash and planted seedlings at the bottom. It turned out that with this method the precipitation of the winter months could be better utilized and the plants could be optimally protected from the sometimes very strong winds on Lanzarote.

In addition to a spectacular view, the vineyards of La Geria (of course) also offer one or the other tasting opportunity for lovers of the Reebensaftes ( wine lovers). Along the local road there are some very lovingly designed “Bodegas” (wine cellars).

National park Timanfaya

The Timanfaya National Park is in the far west of the island. Here you can experience the overwhelming nature and volcanic activity that spawned Lanzarote, literally ” in person”.

There are numerous active volcanoes in the 31-mile National Park. Park rangers will show you for example how dry shrubs easily catch fire within seconds if you put them into the soil. The circular Manrique-designed El Diablo restaurant uses the high soil temperatures to prepare hearty meals.

If you want, you can even explore the park by riding a camel. If not you can enjoy a regular guided tour around the park.

Map of the cruise port in Arrecife

The Cruise Terminal of Arrecife has two main port of call for cruisers: the Muelle de los Mármoles on the outskirts and the Puerto Naos piers nearer to the city. If your ship berths at the latter, you can easily reach the center of Arrecife on foot. If you are staying at the Muelle de los Mármoles, a shuttle is recommended.

What you should know before your shore excursion in Lanzarote

Shipping companies and routes

There is no possibility to miss Lanzarote, assumed you’re on a Canary Islands cruise. The northeasternmost of the islands is an integral part of almost every route in the Canary Islands. In addition Lanzarote is often located on the route of many transatlantic cruises. This is why many cruise ships stop by during spring or autumn when they are re positioned between European and American destinations. Cruise Line that call at Arrecife are Royal Caribbean, Marella Cruises or Celebrity, just to mention a few.

Entry and visa

The Canary Islands belong to Spain and thus to the Schengen area and the EU. For Canadian and US citizens is not required to apply for a visa to enter the Schengen area of countries in Europe for tourism business stays under ninety (90) days. Likewise, British citizens do not need a visa.

Please make sure to bring a valid passport with you, which expires at least 90 days after your initial arrival in the schengen area. Calls outside the EU (e.g Morocco) may require foreigners to carry a passport.

Taxi and public transport

The transport connection of the cruise terminal in Arrecife is good, taxis and buses can be found outside the terminal area. However, the connections outside the capital are clearly limited.

Since Arrecife itself has few real highlights for a shore excursion to Lanzarote, we recommend booking a guided Lanzarote shore excursion to the island’s interior and natural attractions rather than exploring on your own. In this case your guide will usually pick you up at the terminal exit or directly at the pier.


Since Lanzarote belongs to Spain, the Euro is used on the island. (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro). A currency exchange is therefore required for British/US-American guests.

Travel time

The Canaries have become a year-round destination for the cruise lines. This is also and especially due to the year-round mild and dry climate that characterizes the archipelago.

In midsummer it can be extremely hot and dry in Lanzarote. Rain falls are almost non-existent between May and August. If you can, you should rather switch to the mid season March and May or October and November. Often the prices are cheaper and the weather is more pleasant than in the absolute high season.

Even in the winter months from December to February is a very stable weather and mild temperatures can be experienced on a Canary cruise. However, at this time of the year there may already be some raindrops.

Website Port Authority and Tourism Organization

Port operator: Arrecife Port
Official website (Tourism Organization): Tourismo Lanzarote
Online Guide: wikitravel

Video:Impressions of Lanzarote

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