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Useful information for shore excursions in La Romana

Below you will find all useful information about the most beautiful tourist sights, a map of the cruise port as well as other tips for the best shore excursion in La Romana.

The most beautiful attractions in La Romana

From a Caribbean coastline to world-class golf courses, La Romana is one of the country’s top destinations. Sugar cane fields lead to consistently white sandy beaches from Dominicus to Bayahíbe. Cave forests in Cotubanamá National Park are home to freshwater springs and Taino rock art. Off the coast, the island of Saona, Catalina and Catalinita are lined with turtle nesting sites that stretch out against pristine coral reefs, while shipwrecks lie in shallow and extreme depths.

La Romana

La Romana is a city on the southern Caribbean coast in the Dominican Republic and is one of the four largest cities in the country. The town of La Romana itself offers only a few attractions such as the church, an obelisk and the small park “Parque Duarte”. A fee-required mini-train named “Chu Chu Train” leaves directly at the bus parking lot of the port and offers you the possibility to take a mini-train to the center of La Romana.

The largest sugar cane mill in America was once located in La Romana, until its owners diversified and devoted themselves to tourism. In 1974 the luxurious Casa de Campo Resort was opened. Today it is known for the award-winning golf courses Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links and the artists’ village of Altos de Chavón.

The rare Bayahíbe Rose has its origins in La Romana – a delicately pink colored cactus shrub. Since 2011 she is the national flower of the Dominican Republic. If you can not find them in the original, you can marvel at the flower in the Dominican currency.

Since the city of La Romana offers rather less really worthwhile highlights, we strongly recommend exploring the beautiful surroundings and especially the beaches and islands of the region. Tours start directly in the harbor area to the most beautiful cruise shore excursions.

Altos de Chavón

La Romana’s hidden gem is Altos de Chavón, a stunning replica of a 16th century Mediterranean artist village overlooking the Chavón River. The finish look is characterized by cobblestone streets, coral blocks and terracotta buildings. The original idea was to create a medieval French village, but the Dominican architect José Antonio Caro designed it to show the Hispanic heritage of the Dominican Republic. Chavón has been masterfully completed by the deceased Roberto Coppa, a scenographer for Paramount Pictures, and offers magnificent views of the Chavón River and the Dye Fore Golf Course which stretches to the horizon.

A variety of cafes and restaurants invite you to linger longer. World-famous artists and singers regularly perform in the adjoining amphitheater. From January to April, the Kandelá show will be presented every Tuesday in the Altos de Chavón amphitheater. Visitors arriving by cruise ship can buy the return ticket at the port of La Romana.

The construction of the village began in 1976. It was inaugurated in 1982 with a memorable concert by Frank Sinatra in the amphitheater. Chavón has inspired thousands who have studied at his highly respected design school Altos de Chavón, a Parsons subsidiary in New York. Today, Altos de Chavón is a cultural center, home to artist studios, craft shops and art galleries. The regional Archaeological Museum of Altos de Chavón displays a timeless collection of Taino Indian exhibits from the time of Columbus.

Cotubanamá National Park

The Cotubanamá National Park in the east is today the largest and most visited park in the country. More than 575 species of flora, including 53 endemic plants on the island are protected in the park. The ecological and archaeological trail Padre Nuestro is not far from the town of Bayahibe and was created to facilitate visitors of the park. The approximately 1.6 km/ 1mi long, guided path gives a view of the park’s cactus and orchid forest vegetation. However, the biggest attraction of the park are still the beaches, the coast with mangroves and numerous reefs. In the mainland area of the park, the caves Puente, Panchito and Berna with cave painting can also be visited.

Beautiful beaches of the region

La Romana is the gateway to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean!

The offshore island “Isla Saona” is by far the most beautiful island in the region with an endless palm-lined dreamy beach. Therefore, it is understandably one of the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic. The approximately 110-km²/ 27181,6-acre island is located in the east and belongs to the National Park Cotubanamá. The indigenous people, the Taíno also called the island Adamanay. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus and then renamed Saona. This island can only be reached by boat and houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

A much smaller and uninhabited island “Isla Catalina” was discovered in 1494 by Columbus and also has beautiful beaches.

The town of Bayahibe, which is about 25-minute drive southeast of La Romana, offers several beautiful sandy beaches. Many hotels are located along the coast and are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday, water sports and diving.

Located in Casa de Campo, Minitas Beach is the resort’s exclusive beach with an enclosed area for swimming and a range of water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing or pedal boating. This family-friendly beach also has children beach games and sports in “La Palapa” beach hut.

Map of the crusie port in La Romana

La Romana Cruise Terminal has only one berth and is just a 20-minute walk from La Romana.

The port of La Romana is the starting point for numerous cruises due to its location on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. The mouth of the Rio Dulce has been upgraded to a small cruise terminal with opportunities to shop and bars. From here, Caribbean cruises start on numerous routes in the direction of the islands north or south of the Dominican Republic.

If you book a shore excursion through us, you will of course be picked up directly at the port area near your berth. In addition, our cruise excursions usually take place in English.

Things to know about shore excursions in and around La Romana

Shipping companies and routes

A lot of companies start and end many of their Caribbean cruises in La Romana. Routes in the eastern or northern Caribbean start here. Costa, Thomson, Princess, Silversea, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, P & O and Island Cruises also use La Romana as their port of call on their Caribbean routes.

Chartered aircraft of the cruise lines often land directly at the airport of La Romana, which is only 8 km/ 5 mi from the port. If you book a full charter flight through your shipping company, your luggage will usually be taken directly from the airport to your cabin. If your plane lands in Santo Domingo or in Punta Cana, the transfer time to the ship is about one hour. Please keep in mind that you have to carry your own luggage in this case!

Immigration and visa

U.S. citizens and also U.K. citizens must have a valid passport to enter Dominican Republic. No visa is required for stays less than 6 months if you have an onward or return ticket, confirmation of accommodation, and can produce evidence of your ability to maintain yourself.


The official currency in the Dominican Republic is the peso (RD $ or DOP). Many places in the Dominican Republic also accept US dollar or euro. However, you shoud be careful because sometimes it can be more expensive to pay with foreign currencies. (1 dollar = 50 pesos; 1 euro = 65.76 pesos)

Taxi and other public transports

At the port of La Romana there are some taxis. At the harbor exit you will find a price list. Please note that you can hardly negotiate the prices. For rental cars, you should always be careful as they are often stolen. Under any circumstances, make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage. An international driver’s license is recommended. Driving during the night is not recommended.

From La Romana, long-distance buses depart to nearby cities. Prices for a ride start at about 117 pesos.

Travel time

Due to the always summery climate, the Caribbean is a year-round destination with temperatures of 25 to 30 °C 77 to 86 °F. Main travel time for cruises is from November to March, outside the rainy season. In the other months you have to expect rain or hurricanes between July and October.

Websites of the port

Video: Impressions of La Romana


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