Landausflüge in Katakolon (Olympia)

Shore excursion in Katakolon (Olympia)

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Useful information for trips to Katakolon

Below you will find information about the cruise port, all the beautiful sights and many useful tips for shore excursions in Katakolon.

The most beautiful sights in Katakolon and its surroundings

Katakolon is the “gateway to Olympia.” Shore excursions in and around Katakolon are very much focused on this world-famous historic destination. Olympia is about 40 km east of Katakolon. The port of Katakolon is also the starting point to discover the surrounding area, such as the nearby beaches.


The history of the games goes back nearly 3,000 years, to the year 776 BC. Originally, all competitions took place in just one day, it was only in the fifth century (BC) when these competitions started to spread out over several days and later weeks. The games were held at that time in honour of the godfather Zeus, a victory in one of the disciplines was considered one of the greatest imaginable honour. Only free male Greeks were allowed to participate. All others, with the exception of the Romans, were denied participation.

Even today, the ancient site testifies to the spirit of the sporting competition – not only for fans of the modern Olympics.


Most cruise guests will use the catamaran approach for a trip to Olympia. If you prefer not to rush into the hustle and bustle (or you have already been to Olympia), you can also take a leisurely stroll through Katakolon.

However, Katakolon is not very big: it only has about 500 inhabitants. Nevertheless, the city offers several souvenir shops along the main street, but the real attraction is a museum of ancient Greek technology. In this exciting exhibition you can admire all sorts of artisan masterpieces of Greek antiquity.

Map of the cruise port in Katakolon

The cruise port in Katakolon is very clear. Cruise ships moor or anchor at the only major breakwater pier (” Ayos Andreas “) and passengers arrive to the shore by tender boats.

Must-know facts about shore excursions in and around Katakolon

Shipping companies and routes

Katakolon is run by many shipping companies as part of their Adriatic tours as well as on cruises in the eastern Mediterranean. After Piraeus, Katakolon is the busiest cruise port in Greece.

In the early months of autumn Katakolon among others are some of the destinations that are covered by P&O Cruises. Your route will start from Spain, Sicily and then to Greece. Additionally, MSC Cruises runs several ships to Katakolon such as the MSC Musica, MSC Lirica or the MSC Magnificia. For Silversea Cruises, the journey of the Silver Shadow in May leads from the Adriatic Sea ( Venice) to Athens, with Katakolon also being a stopover.

Entry and visa

Entry for British citizens is naturally straight-forward, as Greece is part of the EU and the Schengen area therefore all you need is a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the end of your stay.

Depending on the chosen route, ports outside the European Union may also be called during your cruise. Therefore, a valid passport should be kept for security.

US citizens who are travelling to Greece or transiting through Greece do not need a visa. However, USA citizens on a red official or black diplomatic passport must get a Schengen visa in their passport prior to departure.

Taxi and public transport

If you decide to spend your shore excursion in Katakolon, you will not need a taxi or bus. The whole area of ​​the small town covers just one square kilometre.

You can “hire” a taxi driver for your trip to Olympia, but you have to expect a fare of around 40.00 GBP for a trip.

Getting to Olympia by public transport can be quite complicated (change required) but fairly cheap (around 10.00 GBP). The train can also be quite cheap: the station of Katakolon is at the end of the shopping street, about 200 meters from the cruise terminal. Therefore, it will be a good measure to take a guided cruise excursion to avoid the stress and hassle of planning on your own.


In Greece you pay with euros, 100 euros = 90.24 GBP and 100 euros = 113.34 USD. Therefore a currency exchange would be required, you are welcome to exchange this before your cruise begins or you can usually pay by credit card anywhere. Attention: some taxi rides will not accept a credit card, so we recommend picking up or exchanging the correct currency in advance.

Travel time

On the Greek peninsula of Peleponnes, which includes the municipality of Pyrgos and the town of Katakolon, the summer months are very hot and dry. If your cruise falls between the months of June and September, you should be sure to drink plenty of fluids regularly. Especially on the shore excursions to Olympia you are advised to take a sufficient supply of water.

If your schedule allows, we recommend switching to the school season. Traveling to the eastern Mediterranean in March or April can be enormously appealing.

Website Port Authority and Tourism Organization

Video: Impressions of Olympia


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