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Useful information for trips in Ísafjörður

Information about the cruise port, the most beautiful sights as well as many useful tips for shore excursions in and around Ísafjörður can be found below.

The most beautiful sights in and around Ísafjörður

Lonely landscapes, marked by glaciers, lakes and volcanoes, run through the northernmost country in Europe. Iceland’s nature is original and impressive, with ice on one side and fire on the other. Ísafjörður is Iceland’s northwesternmost point and, with around 2,500 inhabitants, it is the largest town in the Westfjords, making it the economic and administrative centre of the region. The site is supported by a sandbank that has been repeatedly piled up to increase the area of ​​the city. Today, the island almost reaches from one bank of the fjord to the other, thus creating the very well protected harbour.


Surrounded by up to 700 meters high mountain ranges of the Eyrarfjall and the Kirkjubólsfjall, Ísafjörður is located on a tributary of the huge fjord Ísafjarðardjúp. The small town is an old trading post and was once the largest shrimp fishing site in Iceland. Even today, fishing still holds great significance for the city. In the older part of the town are numerous buildings from the 18th century, including one of the oldest houses in Iceland, dating back to 1734. In this house is the Byggðasafn Vestfjarða, the local history museum.
Boat tours are offered on the fjord Ísafjarðardjúp. On these tours you can observe whales and puffins in addition to the incredible landscape.

Dynjandi waterfall

The majestic waterfall Dynjandi (Eng. “The roaring”) is the undisputed highlight of the Westfjords. It is one of the largest and for many one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall is 100 meters high and has a width of 30 meters at the top, so that the water fills wide in depth. After 100 meters of free fall, it forms another five waterfalls. The ascent to the waterfall is not easy, but it’s worth it.


The small community Bolungarvik with its 888 inhabitants can be reached via a narrow coastal road. The city is located in a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains. A highlight is “Osvor”, the fishery museum, it was restored in 1988 and vividly shows the life of fishermen overtime. A guided tour is highly recommended here. You can join the Fisheries Museum with a visit to the Natural History Museum. Especially with anglers, the community is very popular for fishing especially with anglers. Many fishing tourists visit Ísafjörður, especially during the spring, in the hope of catching large Spined loaches and cods and seeing the fjord on the way.

Map of the cruise port in Ísafjörður

The Ísafjörður harbour has a mooring where the small cruise ships can set, whereas the larger cruise ships normally dock at the roadstead.

If you wish to explore Ísafjörður, you have the opportunity to start on your own, as the harbour is located on the edge of the city.

Worth knowing about shore excursions in Ísafjörður

Shipping companies and routes

Amongst others, the Brilliance of the seas fleet of Royal Caribbean and other shipping companies such as Celebrity Cruises, MSC, Silversea, and P&O Cruises are all heading for Iceland.

The routes are all different, Iceland is combined with different locations depending on the route and which specific cruise line you take.

For example, Iceland can be reached directly from Southampton with P&O Cruises. This shipping company offers Iceland on its routes not only with Torshavn, but also with Dublin.

Entry and visa

You do not need a visa for your cruise in Ísafjörður. You can enter the country with both a passport or an identity card, these can also be provisional.

Please check with your cruise company about the valid entry requirements of your cruise to be certain.

National currency

The national currency is the Icelandic crown (ISK). 1.00 USD equals around 117.10 ISK and 1 GBP equals around 154.92 ISK.

Credit cards are commonly used in Iceland and it is accepted in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and car rentals. If you also wish to have cash with you, we recommend the exchange on site.

Taxi and public transport

Ísafjörður has a bus system available, however the buses run only from Monday to Friday and connect the surrounding villages and towns with each other. It is also possible to take a taxi or rent a car. The exact information can be found in the tourist information office near the port.

Travel time

Iceland is known for its cool summers and mild winters. The most suitable time for an Iceland cruise is in the summer, as in the winter months, occurs higher rainfall and the days are much shorter. In June, July and August, the temperatures are between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

The main season for cruises in Ísafjörður is from May to October.

Website Port Authority and Tourism Organization

Video: Impressions of Iceland


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