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Useful information for a shore excursion in Genoa

Here we present tips about the cruise port in Genoa and the main attractions this Italian sailors and harbor town’s.

The most beautiful sights in Genoa

The modern harbor town in the region of Liguria offers numerous tourist attractions, which should not be missed. These include walks along the Via Garibaldi or a visit to the second largest sea aquarium in Europe. Genoa also has the largest old town in Europe and is the hometown of the discoverer Christopher Columbus.

Genoa is maybe not as well known as the cities of Milan and Rome, and also not as romantic as Venice. A shore excursion in Genoa is nevertheless worth it, as you will see in the following.

Historic center of Genoa

You can certainly spend your entire cruise excursion in the old town of Genoa – because it is the largest in Europe and offers a wide range of highlights.

The many sights such as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Ducal Palace and the Carlo Felice Opera combine old alleys with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops. Whether you are alone or want to participate in a guided tour: A visit of the old town is definitely recommended.

Birthplace Columbus

This house was the birthplace of Christophor Columbus, the most important son of Genoa. He left to find a Western sea route to India and finally discovered America in 1451. Today, the house offers visitors memories and writings of Columbus, arranged on 3 levels.

Port Porto Antico

Due to the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, this port was completely redesigned in 1992. It is one of the most beautiful attractions in Genoa and attracts many tourists as well as residents. With its beautifully landscaped promenade along the quay walls and numerous small cafés and bars, Porto Antico invites guests to a comfortable afternoon after exploring the old town.

Aquarium Genoa

The sea aquarium was opened in 1993. It is the second largest one in Europe with its 71 pools and is located close. You can find more than 15,000 animals from about 400 species including penguins, sharks and dolphins, which you can watch in the open-air tanks. The total area of the aquarium covers nearly one hectare which is approx 2.4 acre.


The symbol of Genoa is the Lanterna, a 117-meter high lighthouse to the West of the old port. It is about 500 years old, therefore it is one of the oldest lighthouses around the world that still operates.

A short walk from the cruise terminal west along the docks leads directly to the entrance of the tower. Are you taking up the challenge, to climb the 172 of the lighthouse?

Map of the cruise port in Genoa

In Genoa, the cruise ships dock at Stazione Marittime Porto Genova. The Stazione Marittima has two modern cruise terminals: the Ponte Doria and the Ponte dei Mille. The two cruise terminals of the port are centrally located directly on the city center, so you can easily reach them on foot in about 15 minutes. Keep in mind, however, that Genoa’s old town is slightly elevated, so the way from the cruise terminal to the city takes a few steps.

What you should know before your cruise excursions in Genoa

Shipping companies and routes

Up to 3.3 million passengers travel annually on ferry and cruise ships in Genoa. Many of them travel with Royal Caribbean or MSC cruises.

Entry and visa

Canadian and US citizens do not require a visa to enter the Schengen area of countries in Europe for tourism or business stays under ninety (90) days.

Some shipping companies require a valid passport for cruises. Please check the visa requirements for your cruise line.

Taxi and public transport

Taxis are a popular form of transport, but before getting in the taxi make sure to ask for the price and firmly agree on it. Directly from the port you can also get on a bus which is approximately a one-hour tour through Genoa with beautiful sightseeing.


In Italy, the Euro is used as currency, so a currency exchange is therefore required. (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro)

Travel time

In midsummer Genoa can be very hot and humid. So it can be very busy in Genoa especially in August, just like in any other Italian coastal town. It is better to travel in early or late summer, when mild temperatures prevail, but it does not rain as often as it may in autumn.

Webpage port operators and tourism organization

Port operator: Autorità Portuale di Genova
Official website: visit Genoa
Online travel guide: Wikitravel

Video: Impressions of Genoa


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