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Our offers for a shore excursion in Fuerteventura

Below you will find our offers for a shore cruise excursion in Fuerteventura.

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Useful information for a shore excursions in Fuerteventura

We have put together information about the cruise port, the most beautiful sights as well as many useful information for a shore excursion in Fuerteventura below.

The most beautiful sights on a shore excursion in Fuerteventura

If you fly to Fuerteventura, you either want to surf or lay on the beach. For a long time, the unanimous and slightly derogatory opinion on the second largest Canary Island was valid. And indeed, Fuerteventura travelers are not looking for the quirky scene of Gran Canaria for the most part. Neither do they need the spectacular nature of La Palma. They are usually very satisfied with the barren, almost desert-like landscape of the island. And with the calm that radiates. The constant, sometimes very strong wind that Fuerteventura owes its exposed position in the east of the Canary Islands is often the only noticeable noise.

Panoramic trip over the island

The best way to experience the special, quiet character of Fuerteventura is basically to just drift and let the barren, hilly landscape pass by. You should stop and experience the atmosphere in one of the many small mountain villages.

El Jable

The Dunes of Corralejo (“El Jable”) are the natural highlight of the island. As moving dunes, they are subject to a year-round change, driven by the northeast Passat. When you’re in the middle of them, you really feel like you’re in the middle of Africa. The Parque Natural de Corralejo is under conservation since 1982. From Puerto del Rosario the journey takes only about half an hour in a northerly direction, straight along the coast.

Visit to an aloe vera plantation

The aloe vera is considered the “queen of medicinal plants” and the knowledge of people about their effectiveness goes back more than 5,000 years. In the Canary Islands, the plant finds ideal growing conditions, the Canary Aloe Vera is therefore one of the best in the world!

When visiting an Aloe Vera plantation on Fuerteventura you will have the opportunity to learn more about growing, processing and using Aloe Vera. Various Fincas offer corresponding tours on their premises. For example, in La Fuentita, about 31 miles south of the capital, or in La Oliva in the north.

water sports

It remains true: Fuerteventura is simply a paradise for all types of water sports! Why not use the day ashore for a sailing trip or even to learn surfing? There are providers in all “larger” villages on Fuerteventura, including, of course, Puerto del Rosario.

Map of the cruise port in Puerto del Rosario

The Cruise Terminal in Puerto del Rosario is located in the northeastern half of the island and thus very central, it is within walking distance of the center, which is not surprising due to the small size of island and city. In particular, if your ship moored at the western pier (“Muelle de Cruceros”) you “fall” into the city.

Cruise ships dock at two piers (in the west near to the city or in the east next to the quay wall). Currently, major expansion works are underway, which will lead to the arrival of significantly more cruise ships in Puerto del Rosario.

Worth knowing about shore excursions in Fuerteventura

Shipping companies and routes

More and more cruise ships are “overwintering” in the Canary Islands and are also expanding their season on site. This will also benefit Fuerteventura and the port of Puerto del Rosario, which will significantly expand its capacity in the coming years.

For American and British shipping companies (for example P & O Cruises), the Canary Islands are becoming increasingly popular.

Entry and visa

The Canary Islands belong to Spain and thus to the Schengen area and the EU. Canadian, US and UK citizens do not require a visa to enter the schengen area of countries in Europe for tourism business stays under ninety (90) days.

Please make sure, to bring a valid passport with you, which extends at least 90 days after your initial arrival in the schengen area.

Taxi and public transport

Due to the central location of the terminal (see above) you wont be in need of a taxi or buses if you want to make a city tour. Due to these circumstances, basically shore excursions on your own are a suitable alternative as well.

If you wish to take one of the public regional buses, you can access line 1 southbound (Jandia, Morro Jable) or line 3 northbound (Corralejo). They are operated by the company Tiadhe. A bus stop can be found right at the exit of Muelle de Cruceros on Avenida Reyes de Espana.

Also in the immediate vicinity of the exit from the port facilities there are taxi ranks.


In Spain, the Euro is used as currency. A currency exchange is therefore required. (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro)

Travel time

The Canaries have become a year-round destination for the cruise lines. This is also and especially due to the year-round mild and dry climate that characterizes the archipelago.

It can get hot in midsummer. Who can, should rather switch to the mid season March to May or October to November. Often the prices are cheaper and the weather is more pleasant than in the absolute high season.

Even in the winter months of December to February you can experience very stable weather and mild temperatures on the Canary Islands cruise. However, there may already be some raindrops.

Website Port operators and tourism organizations

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