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Our offers for a shore excursion in Dubrovnik

In the following you will find our offers for a shore excursion in and around Dubrovnik.

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Useful information for a shore excursion in Dubrovnik

We have compiled information about the most beautiful sights, a map of the cruise ship terminal, as well as useful information for a shore excursion in and around Dubrovnik below.

The most beautiful sights in Dubrovnik

For centuries Dubrovnik was an independent city republic and a major trading center between Levant, North Africa and the Mediterranean. The cityscape is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and still bears witness to the past of a great seafaring nation.

Walk through the old town and on the city walls

A walk through the car-free old town of Dubrovnik is absolutely worthwhile. Most buses stop at “Pile Gate“, one of the three entrances to the UNSECO World Heritage Site, the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

In addition to all the small picturesque alleys, Dubrovnik has impressive spectacular city walls. The walls are almost 6561.7 ft in length and 9.8 to 19.67 ft wide. You would have a great view of the mainland, on Dubrovnik and on the beautiful bay in front of the city. However, this beauty has its price: adults pay 10 euros for the walk on the city walls which is 11.56$ and 8.98 pounds.

Of course, in the streets of Dubrovnik there are plenty of opportunities for the shopping tours. There are numerous small shops and souvenir stands.

Spectacular views with the cable car

With the cable car you can easily and comfortably go up to the local mountain brdo srd (about 2,559 ft above sea level). From here you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. With the typical Mediterranean cityscape of small streets and red roof tops.

The cable car can best be reached via the northern exit of the old town. Just follow the street Zagrebacka until the end. On the right side you can find a valley station on the train. Here you can also buy the tickets (about 15 euros for the ascent and descent), which is approximately 17$ and 13.21 pounds.

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is only a 5 minute walk to the east from the old town. During the midday heat, a (half) day at the beach is certainly a welcome alternative for any cruise guest.

Banje has both a public and a private section, unfortunately an entrance fee will need to be paid. But you can also reserve a couch and order drinks.

Sailing trips and boat trips

The Adriatic Sea is famous for its amazing rock formations along the coast and is therefore one of the most popular sailing areas in the world. The sports harbors are in the immediate vicinity of the cruise terminals (quasi on the other side of the bay) or at the eastern exit of the old town. At both places there are several skippers and agencies that offer excursions with sailing or motor boats.

Map of the cruise port in Dubrovnik

In most cases, your ship will arrive at the newly-built Dubrovnik (Gruz) Cruise Terminal. Depending on the utilization situation smaller ships may also be located outside the harbour area. Tender boats will bring you to the Old Harbor, just in front of the old town of Dubrovnik.

At Gruz harbor there are 6 berths for cruise ships and 1 terminal. Inside the terminal you will find a tourist information office, where you can also inform yourself about shore excursion possibilities and sights of the city.

All berths are located on the northeastern side of the harbour so you do not have to go far to the exits. When booking an organized shore excursion, you may be picked up by your tour guide directly after leaving the ship by bus.

What you should know before your excursion in Dubrovnik

Shipping companies and routes

With 1 million passengers visiting Dubrovnik per year, it is one of the largest and most important cruise ports in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean. Many shipping companies have discovered the Adriatic as an attractive sailing area in the meantime. And in addition to Venice, Dubrovnik is one of the starts that are included in most routes.

Entry and visa

Croatia is not a member of the Schengen area but Canadian and US citizens do not require a visa to enter for tourism business stays under ninety (90) days. Please make sure to bring a valid passport with you which extends at least 90 days after your initial arrival.

Please inform yourself at the cruise company about the valid entry requirements.


Since Croatia does not belong to the Eurozone, the Croatian currency is the Kuna. It is advisable to exchange in the cruise terminal or to withdraw at one of the ATMs. ( 1 Euro= 7.44 Kuna, 1$=6.43 Kuna, 1 pound= 8.28 Kuna)

Of course many city shops and restaurants also accept credit cards or even cash in euros. However, the respective offered exchange rate is to be considered.

Taxi and public transport

If you have not booked a transfer or guided cruise excursion, you will find public bus lines immediately after the exits from the terminal. Most go to the Pile Gate in front of the old town. The price for a ticket is about 1.50 EUR which is 1.71$, but the buses can be partly overcrowded.

The more private alternative is a taxi. Numerous providers can also be found directly outside the harbor area. The price for a trip to the old town is about 13 EUR which is 14.78$ and 11.48 pounds. With several people this can be a great way to get into the city.

Travel time

During the winter months the shipping companies offer only a few routes and ships in the Adriatic Sea. Normally, cruise season begins in March and ends in November.

Peak season in the Adriatic sea are the summer months. However, at this time of the year it can be very hot especially in the southern port like Dubrovnik. Peak temperatures beyond 35 °C which is 95 °F are not uncommon. There is a Mediterranean-dry climate with very little rainfall.

We recommend you to switch to spring and autumn. Here you can find some of the much cheaper cruise offers, and especially the cruise excursions are due to the milder temperatures much more pleasant.

Website Port Authority and Tourism Organization

Video: Impressions of Dubrovnik

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