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Useful information about Warnemünde

Below you will find information about the most beautiful sights, a map of the cruise port as well as many useful information about Warnemünde.

The most beautiful sights in Warnemünde

Warnemünde was first mentioned in documentations in 1195. Since 1323, the former small fishing village belongs to the Hanseatic city of Rostock. Today Warnemünde is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Germany and witnesses its own growing popularity among beach vacationers and water sports.

Not without good reason Warnemünde is a seaside health resort. On site you will find a 3-km (1.86mi) long and more-than-100-m (330ft) wide, sandy beach, a natural cliff and a coastal forest and the Rostock Heath, which offers a healthy climate mix and thus the best opportunities to rest and relax.

Warnemünde is considered the birthplace of the (wicker) beach chair and invites you to stroll in its picturesque historic center along the Alter Strom, through small fishing boats, restaurants and quaint pubs.

The most beautiful tourist sights of Warnemünde include the lighthouse next to the famous Teepott, a striking building at the seaside, and the over 500m-long (1,640ft) pier, the fountain “Warnminner Ümgang”, the fish market or Alexandrinen street. A stroll along the beach promenade or a city tour through Warnemünde, Rostock and the surrounding area are of course a must-do. Also recommended are trips to the west of Warnemünde via Dietrichshagen and the coastal forest of Stoltera to the Baltic resort Nienhagen.

A major maritime festival is the Hanse Sail which takes place every second weekend in August. Many large and traditional sailing ships, cruises and museum ships as well as ferries from different nations call at Warnemünde and Rostock. Visitors also have the opportunity to travel on these ships.

Light house & Teepott

The 36m-high (118ft) lighthouse of Warnemünde was built in 1897 and still serves as a navigation mark. Between April and October, tourists can visit the lighthouse and look out from both observation decks on Warnemünde and Breitling. The light can be seen from up to 20 nautical miles away. Until 1978, there had to be beacons operators on site, nowadays the beacons are operated by a central office in Hohe Düne.

Teepott is a building that was built in 1968 in Hyparschale architecture style and attracted visitors with its shell-shaped concrete roof. The roof was designed by civil engineer Ulrich Müther and the restaurant by the architect Erich Kaufmann. There are several reasons for the name Teepott. As early as 1928, the Teepavilion stood at the exact same place. This was named Teepott (tea pot) because of its pot shape. For the new building in 1968, the common name was simply adopted. Teepott is located near the harbor entrance next to the lighthouse on the Warnemünde seafront promenade. The accommodated shops include a café, a cocktail bar, a specialty restaurant as well as a maritime shop and a Bavarian restaurant.

West pier (Westmole)

At the foot of the old pilot station, there you can find the Western pier which is about 500m (1,640ft) out on the Baltic Sea. It provides protection for the harbor entrance and is a playground for walkers and anglers. Anyone who wants to see big ships no matter what kind should visit this place.

On the left side of Westmole there is a work of art from 1998 by Werner Stötzer. It’s a 2.5m (8.2ft) high abstract sculpture called the “Große Stehende”. It symbolizes a sailor woman who mourns for those left at sea. Behind the statue, another female figure is recognizable, the “Esperanza”. In contrast to the “Große Stehende” she doesn’t mourn but welcomes all sea travelers to Warnemünde.

Alexandrinen street

The Alexandrinen street belongs together with the street “Am Strom” to the very first streets in Warnemünde. Fishermen, sailors and pilots lived here in small gabled houses which usually consisted of simple framework. Only a small distance was kept inbetween the houses – the so-called Tüschen are at most 1.5m (5ft) wide. Just so wide that a pregnant cow could pass.

Warnemünde museum of local history (Warnemünder Heimatmuseum) is at the number 31 on Alexandrinen street. Here all visitors are cordially invited to go on an expedition through the history of this small town. The most important inventions in Warnemünde like the beach chair are also presented here vividly.

Pay a visit the fountainWarnminner Ümgang” on your visit to Alexandrinen street. The fountain was created by the sculptor Wolfgang Friedrich in 2004. On a granite pedestal, 19 bronze figures in festive clothes accompany the movement of the graceful water feature. The “Warneminner Ümgang” took place in earlier centuries whenever Warnemünde had determined a new spokesman against the city of Rostock.

Munch House

The house “Am Strom 53” was the home of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch in 1907/08. He lived with the pilot Nielsen and his family. Edvard Munch, known for his expressionist masterpiece “The Scream”, had an artistic crisis during his time in Warnemünde. He was tormented by depression and sought out to silence to find his self. This house was declared a National Monument in 1990 and has been owned by Edvard Munch association Warnemünde since 1994. As a cultural meeting place, nowadays it shows temporary exhibitions of modern art.


The seafront promenade is lined with picturesque neoclassical villas. A variety of hotels have been built here in the style of spa architecture. One of the oldest hotels on the promenade is Hotel Hübner. It was built in 1852 as a residential and bath house by shipowner Friedrich Gustav Hübner from Rostock.

Two other impressive buildings on the promenade are the Heinkel Villa and the Villa of German Weather Service. The so-called “Heinkel Villa” was built in 1880 and from 1930 belonged to the aircraft engineer Ernst Heinkel. Today it houses the “Warnemünde Leibniz Research Institute for Baltic Sea”. On the right side of Heinkel Villa, you can find the building of German weather services. It is recognizable by the measuring devices on the roof and in its dunes. It was once the summer residence of the famous liquor manufacturer Conrad Lehment, the one who invented the speciality caraway-flavoured schnapps (Doppel Kümmel) “Mann un Fru”.

From the seafront promenade you will have a beautiful view out the beach and the harbour entrance. You can of course also enjoy the sun and the hustle and bustle sitting on one of the many promenade banks.

Warnemünde with kids

There are a lot of different playgrounds in Warnemünde. Of course the sea and the beach are the absolutely best playgrounds around here. You and your kids can bathe and play in the sand to your heart’s content or fly a kite on stormy days. If you like animals, you can visit the Marine Science Center (Robbenstation) at Hohe Düne and take a look at the research activities here, or you can also visit Rostock Zoo. If the weather is not so good, you can of course visit other indoor playgrounds. Kapt’n Karls Tobeland, climbing walls in Rövershagen as well as Kinderland Rostock awaits your little ones and also bigger guests.

Map of the cruise port in Warnemünde

Rostock-Warnemünde is the most popular and important cruise port in the southern Baltic Sea. Experience the giants of the oceans. In Warnemünde you can experience cruise ships as closely as nowhere else. Alone in Warnemünde, more than 180 cruise ship calls are expected each year, including ocean voyages up to 300m (~980ft) in length and sometimes two or even more calls per day.

Warnemünde Cruise Center was opened in 2005 and accommodates on the ground floor apart from 1,600 square meters (0.4 arces) of hall space a further 500 square meters (0,12 arces) for functional and dispatch rooms, among other things for customs and federal police. The Cruise Center Warnemünde has eight berths for cruise ships, all are located directly at the Cruise Center.

The arrival is actually uncomplicated, you can use either car or public transports. From Rostock main station, a S-Bahn (city train) travels to Warnemünde (stop: Warnemünde) in high seasons every 7.5 minutes, otherwise every 15 minutes.

Parking at the cruise terminal in Warnemünde

The parking spaces at the cruise terminal are only short-term parking spaces during the season, e.g. customers can use the parking spaces at the terminal on the arrival or departure day. For longer uses, e.g. for the whole duration of a cruise, it is unfortunately not possible.

Parking lot P4 is located west of the harbor entrance. It is limited, unguarded and offers 648 parkings. A weekly ticket costs 7 Euros (8.20 $ / 6.25 £). A journey to Warnemünde Cruise Center about 12km (7.5 mi) away is made possible by public transport or taxi. One taxi trip from the parking lot P4 to the Cruise Center costs about 25 € (30 $ / 27 £).

Things to know about the cruise port in Warnemünde

Shipping companies and routes

Different organizers and shipping companies offer you a variety of options. Whether it’s a short trip through the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea or a long tour of the oceans, the offer is vast. Of course the cruise ships belonging to the Rostock-based shipping company AIDA Cruises are regulars here. AIDA also uses Warnemünde as the port of departure for its cruises. From Warnemünde, voyages in the Baltic Sea heading towards Norway start here. Queen Elizabeth and the Norwegian Star also have already moored several times in the harbor of the coastal resort Warnemünde.

Immigration and visa

Germany is a party to the Schengen Agreement. U.S. citizens may enter Germany for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay.

For further and more accurate information, please contact your cruise operators regarding the valid entry requirements.


In Warnemünde as well as in Germany, the Euro is used (1 dollar = 0.86 euro and 1 pound = 1.11 euro). You can also use the usual EC & credit cards if you don’t want to carry cash with you.

Taxi and other public transports

Warnemünde and Rostock can also be reached easily with public transport. S-Bahn station (city trains) can be reached in five minutes from Warnemünde Cruise Center. Rostock’s city center is in just 25 minutes by train reachable and Warnemünde about 15 minutes. Tickets are available from € 1.50 per trip for one person.

Taxis are in front of the port terminal for you.

The local tourist information is pleased to assist you with finding car rental as well as bicycle and boat rental services.

Travel time

A trip to Warnemünde is worthwhile every season. In summer you can enjoy the sun on the beach or swim in the refreshing water. The weather here is at the average of 18 °C/ 64 °F warm in summer, sometimes water temperatures can reach just over 20 °C/ 70 °F. In autumn, the temperatures fall, which is an ideal travel time to enjoy a stormy stroll on the beach.

Relatively few rain falls happen at the Baltic coast over the year. Of course weather changes can also occur for its closeness to the sea. The cloudy sky in the morning can already be bright blue at noon. Towards the evening, the weather calms down very often. The humidity is usually high, which together with the high salinity in the air and the steady winds create a moderate stimulating climate.

Websites of the Port and Tourist organizations

Impressions of Warnemünde


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