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Useful cruise forums with tips and field reports for your cruise

If you exchange information on the internet about cruises and shore excursions you often end up in a cruise ship forum. In these forums, thoughts, opinions and experiences can be exchanged with other guests and questions on specific topics can be asked. Every user has the opportunity to share his experiences and tips with the other participants of the forum.



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What different cruise forums are there?

There are many cruise ship forums. Most of them focus on topics such as destinations, routes, cruise ships, offers on the ship or cruise excursions.

In addition to the company-specific pages, there are of course also numerous independent forums on the subject of cruises. On the one hand to the big operators such as Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line. On the other hand to various cruise lines, river and canal cruises and many different destinations. Due to the rough thematic structure of the forum, you will find answers faster on other pages. For own created topics, however, this can increase the visibility, as more people see individual contributions.

The biggest cruise forum in the UK is The Real Cruise People, where you can find plenty of information of different destinations and cruise lines. Local recommendations in different destinations are also shown on the website, together with the reviews from other users. Topics posted daily by other users in the forum can also be found there as well as the hot topics within last 4 days.

Forums such as Cruisecritic ,Tripadvisor and Cruiseline rely heavily on the experiences and articles of their users. They also offer a cruise forum, where you can discuss all questions concerning cruises in detail. On Cruisecrazies besides discussing and sharing with other users your cruise experience, you can also find latest news of the industry, cruise lines and ports. There are also articles written by other users under different topics.

If you’d like some information, either about cruise lines or comments from other users, you can simply search for the name of the cruise line on the website and find what you’re curious about. But when you’re particularly interested in a specific cruise line, Cruisehive will provide you with a variety of different cruise lines’ tips.

In addition to discussing and reading the news, on CruiseClub you’ll find user-posted activities about cruising. When you are also interested in these events, simply leave a comment and join in.

Why is it worthwhile to use cruise forums?

The use of cruise forums is worthwhile for several reasons. For example, those interested in cruises can find out about the various ships or cabin types, as well as about ports, sights and shore excursions along the desired route.

In addition, the forums usually offer a good search function, which allows specific topics to be found quickly. The community often offers a good orientation on the price/performance ratios of the providers as well as experience reports. Many users also enjoy participating in the discussion about destinations, routes and ships with all their advantages and disadvantages and sharing their own experiences.

How does the “My Cruise Excursion” service complement this information?

“My Cruise Excursion” is a portal with the focus on shore excursions. Similar to a forum you can inform yourself about relevant topics with the focus on excursions. For the most important destinations in Europe and in the Orient we have concisely compiled all essential information on sights, the cruise ports, the travel time etc. on respective port pages, such as for St. Petersburg. Here you can inform yourself and with the help of the information you can also plan a shore excursion on your own, should you so wish.

At the same time, you can book shore excursions for your cruise with us conveniently and independently of your cruise line. If the groups of excursions offered by the cruise lines are too large and the offers too standardized, and if you feel like getting to know the country and its people with the help of experienced local tour guides, you will find what you are looking for in our company.

All our excursions take place in small groups, leaving room for flexibility and individuality, and on average at lower prices than with most cruise lines.

You also have the opportunity to evaluate and comment on your excursions after participation. In this way our guests ensure transparency and objectivity. We take the feedback of our guests as an opportunity to continuously improve the excursions together with our local partner agencies. Our goal is to provide you with the best offer on the net for cruise excursions.

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